How To Create a Class

Classes are created in order to link course materials to students.  When you create a class, you can choose course materails to make available to studnets during the class delivery.


1. Navigate to the Site Administration page. 
2. On the Classes tile, click the Create Class link. This opens up the Create Class page to the Basic Information section.

Fill out the each of the section as per instructions below.




Basic Information
  1. To add a Course, click the Choose button to the right of the Course field. On the Choose Course dialog, input part of the course Name and click Search (if you do not know part of the course name, you can simply click Search to see a list of all courses available for scheduling). Then, select the course from the search results and click OK. This brings you back to the Create Class page with the course added.
  2. Class Display Name, can be updated if needed. This will be the name of the class that displays to students enrolled in the class.
  3. The Description field can be used to add a description of the class, which will show under the class title on the class page.
  4. Ensure the Time Zone is correct for the class location.
  5. Set the Minimum Students field to the total number of students expected for the class.
  6. Set the Maximum Students field to the total number of students that can be enrolled. It is suggested to set this field to 110-120% of the Minimum Students field amount to account for any possible last minute registrations or walk-ins.

NOTE: The maximum is set to 20 students. If you need more than 20 seats, please create your class and then email with your event details and the number of seats you will need.

  1. The Status field will default to Scheduled. This can be updated to Cancelled after the event is saved or at a later time if needed.
  2. The checkbox Allow automatic enrollment using event training key is selected by default. This will be the unique class training key that students will use to access course material on class start date.
Session Times
  1. Expand the Session Times section.
  2. Click the Add Multiple Session Times link. The # Sessions field will default to match the number of training days set up on the course you selected for this class. Verify this is the correct number of days.
  3. For Days, select the pattern of days your class will run (example, Mon, Wed, Fri or Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri). Sessions will be added or skipped based on the pattern you select.
  4. Use the First Day field to choose the first day of class. Modify the Start Time and End Time as needed.
  5. Click OK.

NOTE: If you have a class that you know will be running on more than one date, you cannot schedule multiple classes within one request. For classes on separate dates with separate groups of students, you will need to create an individual class request for each session.

  1. Expand the Delivery section.
  2. If you would like to add a physical classroom location (building address, classroom number, etc.) click the Add Classroom link and click Search. Select the classroom, and then click OK.

NOTE: If the classroom does not appear after you click Search, try removing filter for “Does not have schedule conflict”. If still you do not see the classroom, you can click Create Classroom to create a new Classroom (see: How to Create a Classroom).

  1. Expand the Instructors section.
  2. Click the Add Instructor link. This opens up the Choose Instructor dialog.
  3. Add or remove filter options as needed. Input the Last Name and First Name of the instructor and click Search.
  4. Select the instructor from the search results. If you have more than one instructor, search for and select the other instructors.
  5. Once all the instructors for the class are selected, click OK. If you selected multiple instructors, click Add all instructors to all sessions.

NOTE: If you do not see the instructor listed in the Choose Instructor dialog, click Create Instructor (please see How to Create Instructors).

  1. Click Save to create the class.